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1&2 feb. 2014: National Transition Town Meeting

transition towns treffen 1&2 februari 2014Saturday februari 1st en sundayg 2nd 2014 The fifth national Transition Towns Meeting is upcoming in the new TT centre in Deventer: De Groene Golf, workshop for local sustainability and resilience.

Anyone who is or wants to be active within a local TT group is welcome. Participation is based on ‘What it’s worth for you’ but it is not for free. Take good food or snacks along to share.

For more information click here.

Opening Lazuur

The first Lazuurmarket in Wageningen opened her doors. Organic foodshop Buys & Ko is changed into a market for the future. Lazuur is a food community where consumers, producers, shop owners and others stakeholders togehter form a local Lazuurmarket with the slogan: Good food good for everybody with care for our Earth

On sunday december 15 12.00 o”clock there was a grand opening at the Lazuurmarket Bevrijdingsstraat 22 in Wageningen. From 13.00 tot 17.00 h. it was the first possibility to shop. A drink and a snack were provided.

Of course it is still worthwhile to have a look what the new food market is like.

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