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Edible Forest Garden Pomonal

The Pomonal district in Wageningen has a natural park of about 1 hectare, in which you can find little streams, tall trees and an old orchard. A third of the park is designed as Edible Forest Garden, with an educational, social and alimentary purpose. Among the food grown are quince and pear, medlar, sour cherry, mulberry, walnut, plum, apple, hazelnut, pear, all kinds of berries and herbs.

If you want to learn more about the Edible Forest Garden and/or help taking care of it, please contact the Working Group via are also the contact point to be kept informed of activities or if you want to receive a guided tour.

The situation before the renewal

History of Pomonal

The Pomonal neighbourhood was largely built on the site of the former nursery and juice and cannery factory. This was one of the biggest farms of Wageningen, which also included a fruit orchard. The tall fruit trees, which are still present today, are a remainder thereof. Historically, fruit trees therefore fit well in this area. Due to neglect in the past years of a large part of the park it was overgrown with brambles, which made it virtually inaccessible and damaged the fruit trees. A survey conducted in the neighbourhood showed that residents felt that the area was inaccessible and unsafe.


Redesigning the area was thus a necessary step to offer more nature experiences and foster encounters in the park. Maintaining the natural wilderness of the park was important.  as it formed part of the charm of the place. Since 2010 residents and the Working Group “Forest Garden Pomonal”  work together to restore the edge of the park. This is done with the support of the Neighbourhood Centre Pomhorst, Transition Town Vallei, WMO and ‘Stichting Wijkraad Noordwest’

During participational evenings at Pomhorst, the desires and concerns in the neighbourhood were identified and residents made 5 proposals for the park. Gardener Paul Paardenkooper has transformed these sketches into professional designs. The design for the Edible Forest Garden was of a wild orchard with plenty of diversity and variety making it suitable for nature experience and consumption.


In 2011, the shovels went into the ground. The land was completely ploughed to access the wasteland that had been occupied by brambles. Thanks to the help of big and small hands 20 fruit trees, multiple berry bushes (partly donated by a local resident!) and the “edible hedge” were planted.


Also the support by other local residents (soup, apple pie!) was very welcome! One artist crafted a bench made from tree trunk which finalized the place for encounter in the park.

In the autumn of 2011, the Forest Garden opened. Alderman Lex Hoefsloot revealed the information board of the edible garden. On this board you will find information about the garden as well as announcements on activities that will take place in the garden.

From 2012 onwards these activities include: provide , maintain , nurture the plants. Every month the group meets to do some maintenance work. Many volunteers also often join these days, which makes the work very enjoyable and creates variety. Volunteers mow the lawn which makes it possible for the field to be used as a place for a picnic, a football match or even a barbecue.


Edible Forest Garden Pomonal today

In 2012 there was a workshop on medicinal herbs and plants which was well attended . When Santa came to Pomonal with the sleigh, there was mulled wine and hot chocolate handed out close to the fire in the Forest Garden. Neighbouring residents have themselves taken the initiative and are planting or seeding beautiful flowers and herbs. Also activities for children are organized by Pomhorst in the Forest Garden.

In mid 2012, a permanent volunteer was appointed for a year, who is present every week during the growing season to maintain the park. Besides maintenance, she has planted a Permaculture area including a variety of edible and medicinal plants as well as a planting area with and for children. In April 2013 , the two – week course Urban Gardening, where people learned a lot of nice things.

The Edible Forest Garden Pomonal today

The Forest Garden Pomonal is now a beautiful garden with flowers, berries, fruit and nut trees which are regularly taken care of. It is now accessible and a pleasant green meeting place for the neighbourhood . The basic design has been expanded by a pergola for slate fruit, tree trunk steps for children and planting boxes for spices. The garden has a social, edible and educative function. One of last year’s projects has been from children from the neighbourhood, who laid out a planting area. Now we are waiting until the Cooking Club of Pomhorst can start harvesting and cooking with their ‘own’ fruit and spice ! And the increasing crop for the whole neighbourhood . The Working Group continues to do its utmost to provide well for the Edible Forest Garden and is looking for people who would also like to do this.

The project Edible Forest Garden Pomonal is supported financially and in the process by neighbourhood platforms of the municipality of Wageningen, the municipality of Wageningen, KNHM, the Oranjefonds, Stichting DOEN and Stichting Solidez.

TT Vallei

Transition Town Vallei wants to encourage local food production and increase local resilience. Transition Town Vallei supports local residents in the planning, thinks of and participates in the establishment and maintenance of the garden and helps to raise funds. We want to encourage more edible green neighbourhoods in Wageningen. If you know of a suitable place and want to get started, you can contact Transition Town Vallei ,, or 06 –111 365 62 (Esther Schoenmaker).