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Creative Community Garden Wageningen


A new creative garden space! Come join the fun

What we do

We are working together to create a shared experimental garden where we can explore different growing techniques and learn from each other. Our focus is on creating an inclusive teaching and learning space with a focus on agriculture, building community networks and capacity building among members. If you enjoy gardening or just practical work and want to build something big – then this is the place for you.

Who we are

The Creative Community Garden Wageningen is an organic garden run by a group of volunteers from the university and the wider community in conjunction with de Hoge Born on the Bornsesteeg; Solidez; Wageningen Municipality and several other organisations. We are a project under the Transition Town Vallei and are located south of de Hoge Born here. This year we are supported by a grant from Wageningse Weelde which we are using to build a greenhouse, improve the outdoor classroom, redesign garden beds, build a chicken house and purchase fruit trees in the next few months. If you would like to get involved please subscribe as an official member or simply volunteer.

Join us! Working days – next to de Hoge Born every Saturday from 11am to ~3pm starting 3rd January. 

For more info you can contact the 2015 organiser Ichsani (Ish) Wheeler at or you can check out the active dialogue at the facebook discussion group for more activities! If you would like to be formally involved… We have a new annual membership structure from 2015.

Remember! You are always welcome to come for working sessions as a volunteer to see what we are about without being a member.




Friend of the Garden €5 (student/modest income) €10 (working) : you support what we do and perhaps regularly participate in working days and planning meetings. You will get a discount on workshops and events. You may also like to become more involved as things develop. You have ideas that you might like to try in the space… maybe it’s an ornamental flower garden, an art installation, movie nights in the summer or you really want to build a big pizza oven… All money will be spent on developing and running the garden – your ideas belong here!


Vegetable gardening masterclass €20 (student/modest income) €30 (working) : You would like to try a season growing organic vegetables and keeping chickens. You may be an experienced gardener or it could be your first time! We have a rotational site plan, succession plantings and a list of week by week tasks we all work on. It’s much more efficient to grow as a group. Cost covers seeds, manure and materials – leftover will be decided by the group. We already have a few very experienced gardeners plus some completely new gardeners – who will all work in the 350m2 plot together. Harvesting rights come with work on garden activities. Regular contribution of ~2 hours per week after set up. Eggs from the chickens will be a small donation per egg to cover the cost of feed, care and replacing the flock. Available to all members of the garden. Limit 20 active participants. Closes March 31st.


Subscription to individual garden plot €28 (student/modest income) €36 (working) : we have a limited number of individual plots (approximately 7) that are between €4.60 and €6 m2. They are ~6 m2 and are for committed gardeners that are also interested in helping maintain the wider garden space (therefore there may be more ground seasonally available to these gardeners). Cost includes access to all tools, some space in the greenhouse for trays of seedlings and any excess seed stocks. Monies contribute towards improving the site and the installation of a well and pump for the garden.


Please send an email if you would like get involved!



Main activities for 2015

  • establish shared rotational chicken and vegetable garden
  • set up a shared heritage breed chicken flock
  • commission greenhouses for seedlings and warm vegetable production
  • introduce and involve new active members from the community


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