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Searching for new people

Since 2009, an group of people have been active in Transition Town Vallei to promote a local durable and resilient community. That is already more than 5 years now!
We have contributed to awareness, mostly through lectures, films and information events and Transitions Town / Durability Caf├ęs, often in cooperation with local organisations and/or the city council. We have supported work groups, there is a demonstration permaculture garden at the Eng and an edible community garden in Pomona.
It is wonderfull to see that local durable economy and resilience is alive and doesn’t need much encouragement. At the moment our support is of less value and we have a lack of active and enthousiastic people. The core group has decided to diminsh their activities for the time being. As a result we wait for people to come to us with there questions and we will not initiate activities ourselves. We will be present if needed for advice, or support to work groups, grassroot initiatives or projects, also in neighbouring towns like Ede Veenendaal and Renkum. The website, social media and email adress will stay alive.

We have written a more elaborated review, a kind of self evalutation. It is here available. Unfortunely, it is only written in Dutch.

In addition we would like to mention an intitiative of WEP (Wageningen Environmental Platform; the Eco Map , a map with lots of green and durable inititatives in Wageningen and its surroundings.
Jan Joost Kessler, Jeanine Verhagen, Wim Haver, Jannie Atzema, Nicole van de Werf en Esther Schoenmaker

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