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April 17th, 20.00-22.00 h.
TT-D Café (In Dutch)

Growht or balance: is there money to make something possible or do we live to earn money. Are there any alternatives?
Location: Restaurant Vreemde Streken, 1e Kloostersteeg 3, Wageningen

The organisation "Platform Duurzaam Wageningen" and "Transition Town Vallei" organise monthly a TT-D café, an evening with a theme.

Wokgroup Energie meets monthly. Want to join? - Look at the Workgroup Energie or mail

Permaculture-garden working days Wageningse Eng at Ritsema Bosweg - Bostuin Pomonal near Pomona. Look at the TT agenda for the times of the weekly working days and the oncoming events.

For more activities:
TT agenda
Agenda Platform Duurzaam Wageningen

May 17th and 18th: Introduction course on permaculture

On May 17th an 18th Heeltsje Graansma together with Lian Kasper en Jeanine Verhagen offer an introduction course on Permaculture and Agroecology in english. In March this course has been offered in Dutch. Heeltsje has designed the The course will be held partly in the forest garden Pomonal.

The basis of Permaculture and Agro-ecology will be discussed, and through several exercises we will discover how we can apply the knowledge in our own lives.

The course will take place in the Building with the Clock, Generaal Foulkesweg 37, Wageningen and Bostuin Pomonal, both days from 10.00-16.00 hrs.

Price determination afterwards. This means you get to value what you receive during the course in your own way, by giving money, goods and/or services.

This course is offered in cooperation with OtherWise and the Boerengroep.

More information and registration:

April 17, Theme night: Growth or balance? Canceled

The Workshop about money and algternatives for money on April 17th is canceled. Barry Voeten is not able to come, because he is sick. Another another date will be set later.

April 17, Transition Town Vallei and Platform Duurzaam Wageningen organise a theme night about money and alternatives for money. This takes place in Restaurant Vreemde Streken, on the Conventplein and starts at 20.00h. The presentation will be in Dutch. The title is:”Groei of evenwicht: is geld er om iets mogelijk te maken of leven we om geld te verdienen.”

Barry Voeten, writer of the booklet “Een evenwichtige economie” presents a workshop about the disadvantages of the present finance system and the possible alternatives. Barry about this:`The present economy will make a few people rich and resources will be depleted. We need a balance in the world and we should no longer be dependent on banks and the present system.` We can start with financing durable systems through the community, like the way the renovation of Lazuur has been financed. An example of an alternative for money, known in Wageningen, is LETS, trading without money. The participants will take an active part in the possible choices.

Info Jannie Atzema mob. 0619575167.

April 11th - Seed swap

Come and swap your spare seeds!

Friday April 11th, 19.30-22 hour, voluntary contribution, at OtherWise, Building with the Clock, Generaal Foulkesweg 37, Wageningen.

On Fridy April 11th Transition Town Vallei (together with OtherWise) organises a seed swapping event at Generaal Foulkesweg 37 from 19.30 till 22 hour. Bring your spare vegetable, herb or flower seeds. Take your seeds in little containers, provided with the names.


  • Bring and exhibit your seeds between 19 and 19.30 hour. We start swapping the seeds at 19.30 hour.
  • Provide the seeds with: plant name, species, harvest place, year of harvest, and your name if you want.
  • To prevent disappointment, only bring those seeds and plants that you can spare. Leave the rest at home.

Information meeting solar energie

Already 10.000 photovoltic cells on the roofs in Wageningen. We are number one in the Netherlands and last year we were the Solarcity of the Netherlands. In may, when the project finishes a new solar city well chosen.

Thursday, april 10th and monday april 14th light will be shed on possibilities of photovoltic cells and solar water heating at your home. Foundation Solar Energie Wageningen organizes this meeting.
The meetings will be held in the BBLTHK 19.30 – 22.30h. The information will be in Dutch (for the program see our Dutch page).

Meet different suppliers and ask your questions to the different suppliers and compare them. The following suppliers will attend: Atama, Factor 30, Solesta, ValleiEnergie, Van Rennes and Wageningen op Zon.

You can register for teh meetings by sending a mail to:
info@zonne-energie-wageningen. Free entrance.

Information evening on April 3rd

TT Vallei invites you to an information eveningon april 3rd in the Forum Building, room C222 starting at 18.30 h.. We will share the Transition Town Filosophy and screen the movie ‘In Transition 2.0′. You’re most welcome! Bring something to share: stories, ideas, cookies. We will provide tea, just bring your own cup, so we will produce no waste.

Pracitial course on permaculture.

In the edible forest garden Pomonal in Wageningen a practical course on permaculture will be thaught. The course will be given on mondays starting, april 7th. This course will also be given in Dutch on fridays starting at april 4th.
Permaculture is a system for development of a sustainable way of living. In this course you will learn how to apply the permaculture principles in your daily life. You can see examples and learn by doing in the Edible Forest Garden Pomonal in Wageningen.

In the course you will learn for example about how to create fertile soil, the easy vegetable garden, working with in stead of fighting nature, herbs and positive plant combinations.
The course exists of 7 mornings from 10 to 12 o clock. More information and entering the course:

TT Vallei is offering this course in cooperation with Otherwise and Boerengroep.

Transition Town Vallei ondersteunt het initiatief Wageningen op Zon.

Transition Town Valley supports the initiative ‘Wageningen op Zon’.
“‘Transition Towns around the world see ‘local’ as a solution to global problems, which are caused by peak oil and climate change. ‘Wageningen op zon’ contributes to a sustainable and resilient energy network in Wageningen, which can make a difference and is transparent. I recommend taking part in this initiative wholeheartedly.” says Esther Shoemaker.


March 29th, Edible garden Pomonal, building playing huts

March 29th, Edible garden Pomonal, Pomona, Wageningen 13.30 – 15.30 hour:
Building willow playing huts, cleaning up the neighbourhood and secondhand clothing shop in municipality centre the Pomhorst open

In january we selected a whole bunch of willow branches to build nice playing huts in the bostuin pomonal. Next to that we’ll clean up the neighbourhood together. In the community centre Pomhorst the secondhand clothes shop will be open. You are most welcome!

Friday 21 March: Swapping Clothes

On Friday 21 March Transition Town Vallei organises a clothes swapping event at Hesselink van Suchtelenweg from 19.30 till 22.00 hour. For women that would like a free “new” wardrobe. This is the moment to browse through your clothes and get rid of good clothes you don’t want anymore, and give them a second life. Acessoiries, shoes in good condition.


Location: Hesselink van Suchtelenweg, Wageningen, it is the flat roofed building behind former Unitas and Microbiology, take the stairs down.



  • Bring and exhibit your clothes from 19.30 onwards. We swab clothes from 20.00 h.
  • There are not enough clothes hangers present. So bring your own with you name written on them (if you want the hangers back).
  • We ask you to bring at least 3 pieces of clothes to guarantee that everyone has something to swab.
  • The clothes need to be clean, washed and in good condition. It can be anything, but you can leave underwear and socks at home.

Two day course Permaculture and Agro-ecology

Heeltsje Graansma who designed the forest garden Pomonal organises a cours in permaculture and agro-ecology. This course will be in Dutch. If you don’t understand Dutch and would like to have a course in English, contact Heeltsje Graansma

For more information in Dutch click here or go to